Are You a Happy Runner?

This was a question that I was once asked when I was discussing my morning run with someone a few weeks ago, or maybe months ago who was telling me that he prefers to have an hour to himself first thing in the morning reading a book.  We discussed how it is important to have a bit of ‘me’ time.  Then, he suddenly looked at me and said, I have never seen a happy runner.  When I answered, I am a happy runner, he looked at me in disbelief.

This question made me wonder…why doesn’t he see it or get it?

My morning run is my ‘me’ time and even when running with others, I go off into my zone and world, so much so that I don’t remember actually putting one foot in front of the other at all, it feels so natural.  Sometimes, little thoughts suddenly pop into my mind to be processed, I love this.  I start to make sense of them and consciously learn and develop a strategy and action plan to deal with them and move forward.  It’s an easy process and one that plants a smile on my face.  It’s a time I enjoy myself immensely.  But then, I have unheard knowledge, tools and skills…

Don’t Worry Be Happy!

Do you sometimes struggle to get out of bed?  Start your day at a slow and sometimes heavy pace, plodding along and everything is an effort.  You are not as free as you want to be.  Maybe you could be perceived as not a happy runner!!

How do you process these negative thoughts that appear from nowhere and won’t disappear?  They are with you when you go to bed and there when you wake up.  Why do they insist on sticking around?  Why can’t you shake them off?  Sometimes they come and go and come back again.

On my runs, there are a lot of ‘good mornings’, ‘have a great run’ and ‘hi fives’, well in times gone by there were ‘hi fives’… great connections with others either way.  Running a few different routes, in different directions, I generally meet people who also seem to be processing their stuff too, funny how we all seem to do it on the same days!!

On their journey, clients have been known to cry sometimes, maybe just one tear, or a couple, or maybe a few more turning into a steady flow…what I know is this release of emotions and those neuropeptides that have been circulating around their bloodstream for whoever knows how long, maybe a short while or maybe months or years, waiting for the time when they will be released out into the open and free…what a huge relief.  Their body relaxes and when they have the learnings, a huge smile starts to appear immediately and light up their face that radiates like a ray of sunshine.

A beautiful thing to note, when things are aligned, they float away and experience being light, free and happy…and this resonates outwards.

Every day I learn even more about the neuro-science world I have a greater understanding of what is happening.  How a single event can trigger a thought that in turn activates something in our body, that affects our vibrations inside and also outside to others near and far.

How, if you are feeling vulnerable or upset you suddenly receive a message or sign out of the blue that someone senses how you are, they magically pick up on your aura and are there to help and guide you in whatever shape or form it takes or is needed.

It’s amazing how our wonderful mind and body works to help you to fix what is not going right at this moment!

But what is the trigger point?  Finding the root cause is most important.  You may think you do but you don’t know always what you don’t know and sometimes it goes in way deeper than you can possibly imagine.

I am lucky.  In addition to the running, I have the tools to help me and you from the slow and heavy start to an energetic and revitalised day, how when this little voice appears in your head and keeps banging on and on about things you don’t want to hear it can be silenced for good and let you continue your day feeling great, confident and happy.

That’s how I know and I can say that ‘I am that happy runner’, I prefer to live my life in that state of happiness, with a smile genuinely on my face and knowing that all is well in all areas of my life.

Whether you are a happy runner, a happy reader, happy singer or happy dancer, it doesn’t matter which one you are, just be happy.  If you are struggling to be any of them and always feel down in the dumps and unhappy, then come out from behind your cloud, and be the ray of sunshine.

You and everyone deserves the warmth and happiness that you were born with…don’t you?


Don't worry be happy!