Why do people see things is different ways?

What makes people act & feel in a different way when faced with the same scenario?

Why when listening to the same instructions do people hear completely different messages?

I am sure you have been in situations where you have seen all or some of the above.  Does it make you curious, how our perception can be so different?

How our brilliant minds work

I am extremely curious about this subject and in the blogs I will share with you fascinating information that I have learned on my journey of the mind, together with results I have seen with clients, in front of my own eyes when they dig deep inside and experience change that they are happy to share with you right here…believe me, they laugh about them now.    

How our mind and how we think has a direct impact on:  

Our health, our emotions, our decisions, our happiness and that’s just for starters!

A small change can make a huge impact in every facet of your life.  Fascinating insights into this world…that is your world!