Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are You Different?

When you sign with me, you gain full access inside and outside the one-one sessions.

Part of your full-time team to assist with live problems as they arise.

What Do You Do?

I listen; really listening, I watch; really observing; I get a real taste; digesting everything and getting a real feel and sense of what is going on with you.

I do take you on a first step of understanding you and what is really going on under the surface and having honest conversations with yourself.

Is This Right For Me?

If you are finding some parts of life tough and even the good bits are challenging, you are in the right place.

If you value investing substantially in yourself and have an open-mind to try a new approach; it is right for you?

What Will Happed In the 1-1 Sessions

I will ask some really thought-provoking questions you won’t normally ask yourself or understand; really getting under your skin, the focus truly on you.

You will become comfortable with the uncomfortable, aware of why you are feeling the way you are feeling and what is causing in any context of your life is part of the process .  It is a journey and one that is so enlightening,  It illuminates your life.

What if I am sceptical?

Sceptical is good as it demonstrates a curious and open mind to learn something new and grow in an area you may not think of.

What Guarantees Can You Give Me?

Your investment in yourself is substantial in many ways; time, commitment, financial and open to asking yourself some probing questions.

I guarantee and promise my full commitment and support to you during the process.

I guarantee a different experience, one that focuses purely on yourself, putting you into your LiMElight in a way you never have.  Thought provoking conversations, questions that ask a little more; reflecting yourself.  New perspectives and perceptions together with harnessing your intelligence and emotions together, life suddenly changes from the constant struggling, pain and frustration that is off the scale to an projecting a more resourceful and calm existence that gives the results that you truly want.

What Qualifies You To Help Me?

I have over 25 years coaching experience in the corporate ‘school of life, attestations from training bodies certified by the ICF in addition to techniques from the East. 

Combining the corporate and holistic techniques from East and West, my approach is unique that gets to the heart of the problem quickly, releasing any emotional burden and blockers along the way, leaving you calm, refreshed, enlightened and empowered.

Why Do You Offer a Complimentary Clarity Call?

The first step to give us both the opportunity to meet each other and give clarity on the problem; whether we complement each other and can work together.