About Me

I’m Karen Boldy. From being a child, I have had a curiosity about people, their behaviour and more importantly why they behave a certain way.

This appetite grows in every field I found myself, working in travel to professional football and a global leading cosmetics company.

Today, using holistic science based techniques and focusing on the individual, I support skilled professionals and business owners through transitions and change when you suddenly feel ‘not yourself.

I guide you to take charge of their life with true empowerment enabling progression to where they want to be.

My Experience

  • Professional Executive and Performance Enhancing Coach
  • Certified Coach through an ICF accredited coaching programme
  • 18 years living and working in the very diverse UAE
  • 14 years experience at L’Oreal Middle East and L’Oreal UAE in fields of Learning, Diversity & Inclusion, Organisational & Culture Change, People & Team Developer
  • HRD, Executive Committee Member, Ethical Correspondent, Coach and Mentor
  • CEO of Limelight Lifestyle Consultancy Limited in the UK

My Approach

Ready to experience pioneering new methods that shake the norm, illuminating shadows you never knew existed, lightening your life and that of others?

Scientists and psychologists are now realising that there are more holistic and different approaches that actually enhance your overall health…including your mental and physical health and integrating both together creates powerful results.

It’s good to be different and have an edge!

Now, here’s the edge!  I specialise in emotions; and not just managing them!

How many times do you go and take a walk, listen to music, mediate, breath or talk to yourself when you are feeling angry or stressed? How many times when you go back to the task you were doing or the environment we were in, does the original feeling come back, either slowly or in a flash?

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” – Henry Ford

My methods and techniques look at you as a whole being, creating more awareness, a complete unburdening of historical emotional events so when you think of it, it no longer has the emotional charge.

So, what if you could truly connect with yourself and extinguish the feelings that don’t serve you, you remember the event, the memory with no charge….would that be of interest to you?

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.” – Norman Vincent Peale

Looking at what is causing them in the first place, being truly honest with yourself we talk and get a real feel of all them emotions and digest what is really going on. Then, when ready removing the emotional charge creating emotional equilibrium …you get your edge back in a life changing way.

How would it feel to get yourself through challenging times healthily with speed and agility; staying calm, collected and focused …would that be of interest to you?  It’s even more effortless than you think. This allows you to operate from a calm and resourceful place in whatever you do and gives you a very different existence; one that gives you very different results.

If You Would like to Find Out How I Can Help You