Let Me Introduce Myself…

I’m Karen Boldy. I have a great passion for people and this has run through my life since being a child and it continues with even more greater understanding today.   I have always been interested in the way people behave, say the things that they do, see things in different ways to others…why does that happen?

I am a lover of travel, sport and exercise and I also discovered a new passion a few years ago when I started to learn ballroom dancing.  I was a bit apprehensive to start dancing, I never really liked being the centre of attention and in school was told by a teacher that I had no musicality, though when I learnt to dance, I was told I had wonderful musicality and connection and floated on the dancefloor.

Working in industries I love, from travel moving to football in the UK and then to a multinational cosmetics company in the UAE in 2004, where I held roles of Learning Manager and then HR Manager, coaching and mentoring people has always been part of me.  Having gained professional qualifications as a master transformational coach and also an NLP practitioner with RSCI*, I learnt the most powerful techniques and tools to guide people through the challenges they face and unlock and maximise their true potential from inside, out.

And then I needed the tools myself! WHAM… a big challenge professionally and I had a moment of panic…what do I do now, my life had seemed so certain!  It was a big wake-up call and the result – I found my true purpose.

I founded Lime Light Lifestyle Development Consultancy and guide people to take charge of their life with true empowerment, enabling them to be the creator of their life and always be in their spotlight.

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