Here’s What My Clients Are Saying:

Read some testimonials from Karen’s clients about their executive or wellness life coaching experience with Limelight Lifestyle Consultancy.

Katy – 

Food of Zeus


“I signed up to the 15 hours coaching package, with a rather specific goal, to take my fledgling business to the next level.  I have achieved this goal, by completing my first corporate order, held 2 events and found new premises.

However, during the sessions I have gained so much more than my original goal.

I have deeply questioned my beliefs and values to make sure they are true for me, I have been given tools so that I approach situations with a calm resourceful attitude and I have gained the confidence to believe that we live in abundance and everything is possible.

For anyone who feels they are not living up to their true potential I highly recommend coaching with Karen”

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Anthony – 

Director of a Global Telecommunications Company


To take a ‘time out’ from the challenges of routine and career, to take a breath and ask yourself, what is it all for ? Why the 14 hour days, the work calls at weekends, the long haul flights and the 4.00am starts from home and 1.30am return the following morning, practically 3 days in one.

The monetary reward is not the answer. I was operating “on pilot”. I needed to understand why I was driving myself to the limits, for what or ultimately for who’s benefit. I needed perspective and the opportunity to reset.

Limelight helped me take the step back, personally and professionally. I got the space and support to understand what drives me, what I really want from life. Karen gave me the confidence and clarity to think about what is important to me and how I can contribute more to myself and those I care about.

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Maria – 



“I had 12 sessions with Karen and she has changed my life for the best!  Her passion, positivity and support has been incredible throughout my journey.

She has taught me how to change my mindset and think positively, to live my life to my own rules and direction and to set goals and achieve them.  I’ve learned that changing my perception can lead me to live my life happily and successfully,

I feel more positive and confident in myself.  Karen has made a huge impact on my life”.

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Fiona –

As a business owner, life can sometimes be frustrating as well as lonely as you need to keep that calm, successful persona on display at all times…and it can become exhausting both emotionally and physically.  My sessions with Karen gave me great tools to discover what was the real root cause of my frustration leading to a major breakthrough and insight so that now I can move forward in a positive and strong way.  I am ready to conquer the world in my way. 

If you are feeling frustrated or exhausted and don’t know why, I highly recommend having a conversation with Karen”.

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Sam – 


“I remember before my session that I was absolutely terrified of lifts, ever since being on holiday in Germany in 2014 and a lift broke down whilst I was in it.  Ever since then I have been shaken!

But since my session with Karen I have felt so much better; it highlighted how I was worrying over nothing for 7 years.  I am fine in lifts now, I am calm and don’t give them a second thought, which really surprised me.

Using lifts frequently in my day to day life, I save so much precious time…in addition to feeling calm and elevated.

I would absolutely recommend Karen’s incredible work to anyone”.

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Rebecca – 

Founder and CEO


“Karen is a great mindset coach.  She did a couple of short sessions with me working on a couple of areas that I struggled with and within a very short space of time, she helped me to change my thought process about something I had always got upset and stressed about for years…now they aren’t even a thing!

I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling in any aspect of their life…it’s a lifestyle changer”.

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Haifa – 

Business Owner


“We all need a coach for personal, business and health related issues.  I was lucky to reconnect with Karen, an ex-colleague of mine who I thought becoming a coach was only natural for her.

She was quickly able to assess my situation and helped me make a few small changes that saved me.  Just before New Year 2019, I was hopeless and getting sick every few weeks.  Not only did Karen help me to get unstuck but also helped me to move past my negative mental rut that was affecting my health tremendously and nearly every area of my life.  I am continuing my journey and I would recommend Karen to anyone who wants to change their lives.  She is an amazing listener, great coach and real”.

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Martin – 


“Karen recommended a 15 session transition course for me that allowed me to discover so many things about myself.  Being MD of my own company, I was starting to find that I was losing my confidence and felt everything spiraling out of control.  I was not afraid to admit I needed help.

Through the course, Karen gave me the tools for recovery and future growth, she showed me how I could become empowered again with complete positivity; the mindset change I never realised was needed.  Past situations I had unconsciously locked away were released and gave me another outlook.

I would recommend Karen to any professional, in fact anybody that feels lost and negative.  The investment in yourself with her is so valuable. 

Thank you for the journey you gave me and for the continued support you give to me.  New beginnings with a new me”.

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