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“You Must Be The Change You Want To See In The World”


Personal Professional Freedom – Diamond

Its Your Life…Make It Bright

15 hours coaching covered over three days.
Delivered virtually on-line or face-to-face

A unique, intense, bespoke and deep dive coaching programme tailored to incorporate your busy life.  Addressing and influencing all areas of your life, specifically those that need your attention here and now, harnessing intelligence and emotions together with reflection, your results will be dramatic, enlightening and fulfilling.

Diamond is symbol of light, brilliance, purity, life…invincible power and intellectual knowledge.

Feeling life is off-balance?


Personal Professional Freedom – Ruby

A Truly Enlightening Experience to Success

5 x 3 hours (15 hours) coaching programme.
Delivered virtually on-line and face-to-face  

This course is more flexible and less intense yet will???

Specifically designed for you if you are looking to re-ignite your confidence, drive and motivation whilst operating from a calm and stable foundation. Optimising your mind to maximise your potential, your results and success will be sensational.          

Ruby: Divine creativity…boosts energy levels…promotes high self esteem…symbol of good fortune and pure love.

Feeling life is off-balance?


Personal Professional Freedom – Emerald

Learn to Shine Again

A 7-hour coaching programme.
Delivered on-line or face-to-face’

This programme is an introduction to understand and give insight to what’s causing you to get the results you want to change.
Learn to listen and feel what your body is showing you.
Loosen the burdens you carry inside and start your journey of re-discovery of self for a better and brighter future.

Emerald: Symbol of truth and love…also stone of intuition associated with sight and the revelation of future events.

Feeling life is off-balance?


Personal Professional Freedom – Amethyst

Learn to Shine Again

Delivered by call or face to face 

A one-off or an on-demand session delivered remotely on-line or by call for when you feel totally debilitated, can’t think straight or have unexplained pain whilst receiving the all-clear.

Using powerful holistic interventions and techniques bringing relief, calm and resourcefulness, enabling you to move forward quickly making good and healthy decisions and choices.     

Amethyst: Groundness, tranquility, calm.

Feeling life is off-balance?