Are You?

Disillusioned & Quietly Quitting?
Struggling to get out of bed in the morning, lacking confidence, motivation, drive and focus.  Experiencing health issues you can’t shake, feeling anxious, overwhelmed, on an emotional rollercoaster and not sleeping.

Do You Want to Be?

Illuminated & Striving Forward 
Energised, engaged, confident, self motivated and empowered, moving ahead with precision performance and experiencing calm, peace and happiness.

You Hold the Key

You are a successful professional, a corporate leader, or a business owner, and you have always been resilient and skilled at handling various challenges confidently. This has been instrumental in successfully shaping your career and business journey… until now.

Suddenly, you find yourself behaving in ways that feel unfamiliar, and you sense that something is wrong. Your logical thinking seems to have vanished, and you feel trapped, and overwhelmed by the situation. This not only affects your performance but also impacts the happiness in other areas of your life.

You are desperate to shake out of the rut you are in and get back on track.

You can, because you possess the power to regain control and overcome any obstacles that come your way. And with my support and guidance, together we can nurture that power to resolve the issues and restore your true self again. 

My Approach

Is unique, professional, honest and compassionate focusing purely on YOU.     

It is about me supporting and guiding you to rediscover yourself and what you already know. It is not about me suggesting solutions for you,

Everyone lives their life by their own internal rules and stories.  Strategic, gentle yet direct thought-provoking questions will challenge your thinking and tackle the stories you believe are not productive.

My Promise To You

  • My Commitment – I partner with you. I believe in creating a relationship based on trust, transparency and honest communication and developing a sustainable relationship with you.
  • Your Results – I guarantee clarity bringing measurable and significant results.
  • Your Enlightening Transformation – I know that every person will be affected by the coaching method and will experience impactful yet effortless shifts and results.
  • Connecting Together – I guarantee that in or after every one of your sessions you will feel even more connected and collaborative.
  • Highest Global Standards – I work within the ICF (International Coaching Federation) ethical and global standards.

Case Study

  As the owner of a successful and growing business and dad to two wonderfully happy young children, outwardly all was going well. I was becoming increasingly aware however, that all was not well on the inside and that I needed to find the strength to keep heading in the right direction. I found I was ‘coping,’ but struggling to respond to life how I hoped.

I knew I needed to work through this. I needed help, but quickly and with the right support structure in place. Self-help literature and traditional support therapies seemed to offer some solutions but came nowhere near the impact or speed that I was yearning for.

Into the breach steps Limelight lifestyle Development Consultancy… Right from the initial video consultation with Karen, I saw a positivity and dynamism that I could immediately engage with and make a difference.

From the first face-to-face session, my aim was to discuss and formulate a strategy for dealing with the multi-facetted world of personalities and decisions (large and small) that I had to endure every day. Quickly, I realised that this was going to be a very different kind of journey to the one I was expecting; one of self-discovery, realignment, and empowerment beyond measure.

Fast-forward ahead 12 months, and the world around me is a happier, calmer space seen through refreshed eyes. We have achieved those initial goals, and we continue to push forwards into new territory. It is an absolute delight to have a unique space to head to every few weeks, and continue the journey. Karen, thank you

Karen brings a wealth of real-world experience to the sessions, and applies a variety of intriguing and engaging techniques, pin-point accurate, astonishingly effective; life changing. Incredible.

For anyone who feels they are not living up to their true potential I highly recommend coaching with Karen.