Are You?

Disillusioned & Quietly Quitting?
Struggling to get out of bed in the morning, lacking confidence, motivation, drive and focus.  Experiencing health issues you can’t shake, feeling anxious, overwhelmed, on an emotional rollercoaster and not sleeping.

Do You Want to Be?

Illuminated & Striving Forward 
Energised, engaged, confident, self motivated and empowered, moving ahead with precision performance and experiencing calm, peace and happiness.

You Hold the Key

Whether you are  a highly skilled professional in your field, a corporate executive leading a team, or an entrepreneur and business owner, you are resilient and highly skilled with the agility and rationale to deal with a variety of challenges and situations calmly and with confidence…building your business and career nicely… until now!

Suddenly, you have become a person you don’t recognise.  You are behaving out of character.  Things don’t feel right and all rationale and logical thinking is out of the window; you feel the world is closing in on you and you can’t find a way out. Your performance is dipping and the parts of your life that are happy are being affected too.

You have to do something to get back on track and are committed to do so; you hold the key to re-solve any challenges you face and re-discover the person the really are.

My Approach

Is a unique, professional, honest and compassionate focusing purely on YOU.     

It is not about me suggesting solutions for you, it is about me supporting and guiding you to rediscover yourself and what you already know.

Everyone lives their life by their own internal rules and stories.  Strategic, gentle yet direct thought-provoking questions will challenge your thinking and tackle the stories you believe are not productive in real time.

Your Results

You know what to do, but you don’t do it…why?

In a flick of a switch, new perspectives with aligned energy and motivation flood in.

With renewed confidence, self-esteem and sense of calm, the impact is instant, resulting in effective and efficient, decision making and precision performance . . . your results are visible to see.

Your impossible becomes very possible!

Image showing how a new mindset can bring new results

Results – What They Say

For anyone who feels they are not living up to their true potential I highly recommend coaching with Karen.

Katy - Business Owner and Golfer, UK

I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling in any aspect of their life…it’s a lifestyle changer.

Rebecca – Founder & CEO, UK