Ready to take back control and get your life back on the right path?


You are taking the first step. 

With the Executive Wellness Coaching experience you will:

Understand where you are right now

Discover the root cause of the problem and what is stopping you moving forward

Find your way to a healthy mind and body with life coaching
Your coach Karen Boldy - Limelight Lifestyle Development

Set your new outcomes

Give you understanding of the powerful workings of your mind and re-wire it towards your new outcomes

Complete a full internal detox and cleansing of all your mind, all your personal and business barriers and burdens from your past that have suddenly been brought into play…they are there for a reason at this moment to serve you.  You will claim back the clarity you have forgotten or misplaced

Develop your framework for moving forward, including defining your true purpose, setting new goals and aligning all your internal needs, values, beliefs, attitudes.   

Empower yourself to take back the control of every facet of your life.  Give you the tools to deal with any challenging situations in a whole different way…with a new focus and calmness

Set yourself free and give you new positive energy, health and well-being whilst at the same time have an underlying sense of calm and serenity

Ready to Make the Change?